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Hello humans!

My name is Gloria Shugleva or Glory for short, a Graphic designer and illustrator based in Sofia, Bulgaria. For the last 8 years, I have specialized in Graphic design and vector illustrations for websites, apps, and ebooks. But this is not all, I am very passionate about digital drawing and illustration so in my portfolio you will see a variety of project and illustration styles.

I`ve had the amazing opportunity to be featured on Creative Life (podcast), Design of Things (podcast), ArtCast (podcast), Bulgarian Illustration, GoGuide, BAICAA, and also shared my knowledge and experience as a speaker/lector for both SoftUni Creative and ARC academy on the topic of digital drawing.

Welcome to my portfolio!

All rights reserved © 2024 GloryArt Studio Ltd.

All rights reserved © 2024 GloryArt Studio Ltd.