"Писма до татко" - Светлозара Савова

Translation: "Letters to My Father" by Svetlozara Savova

In 2022, I had the privilege of collaborating with the young and socially active Svetlozara on her memoir book in loving memory of her late father and illustrating the cover of her very first book.

"Letters to My Father" is the debut book of a twelfth-grade student who has chosen the epistolary genre to continue the already impossible communication with her father and best friend. Her letters carry the essence of summer, carefree innocent days, and playful student relationships. It's a cozy, warm book that acts as an antidote to weekday dullness and boredom, against any trace of despair and melancholy. It's a confession, restoring the tragically interrupted bond between father and daughter.

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All rights reserved © 2024 GloryArt Studio Ltd.