Illustrating for humans

Icons and photos can go so far as visuals that support a text. But what can one do when there are vision and idea to be presented to a wide circle. Search days for the perfect photos, hope not. I teamed up with OfficeRND on the quest to make a more human approuch via illustrations on their corporate website and swag materials and this is how it all went.


Meet the Client


Making coworking the way of working has been their goal from day one. OfficeRnD started because they believe that workspaces could be something more – platforms that help you focus on your work, give you access to knowledge you didn’t have before and connect you to like-minded professionals.

They strive to help coworking spaces – the champions of the future of work, deliver better experiences to their customers, more power to their brand, and sustainable growth to their business.


Puzzle pieces

After doing some research, finding references and inspirations and having a few talks with the guys from OfficeR ND we found our concept. Turns out the key symbol to our concept is a puzzle piece. A perfect fit! We went around standard puzzle pieces, LEGO and building blocks and came up with a simplified piece of our own.


Sharing space
Building together

Key Visual

Or the eye candy!

You can see it "in action" on the OfficeRND official website.


Small ones

It is will not be a done work without smaller illustrated element to represent sections and pages of the platform. Here are smaller and more simple illustrations the back up and follow the key visual.


Event branding and merchandise

After doing the illustrations for the official website the team contacted me again after a couple of month to do event branding and merch for their booth during conventions and events here in Bulgaria and also in USA. Here are some jolly photos that the team send me.


"We reached out to Gloria to design custom illustrations as part of our rebranding and help us create an outstanding brand visual language. The working process was smooth, all the resources needed were produced on time and with utmost care even to the smallest detail. I would highly recommend Gloria mostly because of her passion to create state-of-the-art creatives with respect to our brand identity, timing and feedback."

— Tsvetelina Petrova, Demand Generation Manager at ОfficeRND

"Working with Gloria on designing the marketing swag for Office RND's conference event was great experience. The communication was clear and very responsive, the established project management process by us was followed all the way to the end, every deadline was complete in time and the produced materials were above our expectations, according to the creative brief that was provided. Totally recommend Gloria for design and illustration work!"

— Nikolay Petkov, Co-Founder and Brand manager at WEARE

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If you are in need of a cool design or illustration for your projects feel free to contact me and tell me more about your idea at


If you are in need of a cool design or illustration for your projects feel free to contact me and tell me more about your idea at

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