Complex ideas with simple forms

As any product and software out there the developer wants the user to navigate quickly and easily through the interface but sometimes the helping hand of a designer or illustrator is needed when you have to showcase your project and ideas. Simply put to introduce your product to the users. This is where illustrations come handy, being perfect to translate complex ideas into simple forms - easy to understand.

This is how I and Payhawk came together and worked on their official website and product presentation. And if you are wondering what is Payhawk. It is a next-generation spending software that simplifies expenses, payments and card spending for growing businesses. Payhawk’s virtual account is added on top of your existing corporate bank without an effort – no switching needed.

On to the sketches!

Artboard 3
Artboard 3 copy 2
Artboard 3 copy

All rights reserved © 2024 GloryArt Studio Ltd.

All rights reserved © 2024 GloryArt Studio Ltd.